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2014 Happenings at WineTree Farm

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Hi All! Welcome to our ‘new and improved’ website.  Besides a new look, we’ve added a new Blog, to give you an insider’s view of the life of a winemaker living off the... READ MORE

Veraison is beginning in our vineyards

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The Grapes are beginning to show signs of veraison. (Red grapes start changing color from green to red.) Grapes go through an annual growth cycle, that begins with bud break and ends in... READ MORE

Before Dinner Delight (Recipe)

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Ingredients: One Bottle of 2010 Corinne Syrah (Open bottle carefully, taking care not to spill any). See our Cleaning Wine Stains hints if an accident happens. Directions: Pour half cup of 2010 Corinne... READ MORE

Our New Releases are Available for Tasting

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We’re happy to announce the release of our latest wines, which are all single varieties under the Corinne label. These are: 2010 Corinne Syrah 2010 Corinne Mourvèdre 2010 Corinne Grenache Stop by to... READ MORE